Toledo LISC Annual Report 2016

May 02, 17 Toledo LISC Annual Report 2016

We are very excited to announce that the Toledo Local Initiatives Support Corporation Annual Report for 2016 is out! We are proud to say that the past year was marked by both progress and great accomplishments.

Our yearly highlights include:

  • 2016 National LISC Investments in excess of $1.2 Billion (with $117,929,912 in grants to local partners).
  • 2016 Toledo LISC investments in excess of $7.2 Million (with $1,071,283  in grants to local partners).
  • $20.1 Million purchased from small businesses and 200 small businesses supported.
  • $529,000 in LISC leveraged funds.
  • Invested in 101,183 commercial square footage.
  • 7 AmeriCorps members who served 7,321 hours and recruited 1,492 volunteers.
  • Over 5,000 neighborhood residents engaged in Creative Placemaking.

Thank you to everyone who makes our work and continued success possible. With the support of our Local Advisory Board Members, stakeholders, partners, and staff, we look forward to even more growth this year.

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For more information, read our Toledo LISC Annual Report 2016.

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