Special Programs

LISC operates several special programs that cross geographic and topical areas of community development.

Public Policy

Supportive public policies continue to be essential to the success of almost all of LISC’s programmatic work. Indeed, the level and scope of public policy supports are important determinants of how much and what kinds of revitalization activities can take place in communities across the nation. Located in Washington, DC, our policy efforts are designed to expand the resources available to community developers; raise the profile of community development in the context of housing, economic development and other policies; and win greater support from policy makers by familiarizing them with community development activities in their districts.

Research and Assessment

LISC Research and Assessment aims to support revitalization of lower-income communities by conducting or commissioning research on the effectiveness and impacts of community and economic development policies, strategies and programs. We also directly support development and implementation of community revitalization efforts though evaluation of LISC national and local programs.