Green Development Center

Building sustainable communities means building environments for people that are safe, healthy, and accessible to all segments of the population while also supporting strong and balanced natural environments. LISC’s Green Development Center (GDC) provides tools and resources that LISC programs and their community partners need to make building sustainable communities possible. From trainings and policy support to grants and a designated Green Loan Fund, the GDC works hard to make comprehensive green development a proven strategy for investing in low-income neighborhoods and improving quality of life.


As the largest organization supporting community development in our nation’s urban and rural communities, LISC believes that greener homes, businesses, jobs, and schools are key components in achieving sustainable communities of choice and opportunity – good places to live, do business, work, and raise families. Since 2004, in addition to its investments in commercial and community facilities, LISC has invested over $665 million, resulting in over 25,000 units of green affordable housing.

Investing in sustainability at the neighborhood level can:

  • Preserve family income and wealth by lowering utility bills and decreasing reliance on cars
  • Reduce asthma rates and improve public health by providing cleaner indoor air and opportunities for physical activity.
  • Improve mobility for even the most vulnerable citizens by offering access to quality public transit and safe, walkable streets
  • Connect residents to green jobs and career opportunities, and
  • Transform blighted properties through urban agriculture while also providing a source of healthy, locally grown food and new job opportunities for communities.