Grants & Other Services

LISC is America’s largest community development support organization. We provide financial and organizational and management support to local organizations dedicated to revitalizing its community and improving the quality of life for its residents.


LISC helps local organization become strong and stable neighborhood institutions characterized by effective and responsible fiscal management and capable of carrying out a range of community revitalization activities. Through LISC local program offices, we provide grant funding to assist organizations develop affordable housing, commercial and retail space, and community facilities, as well as other community development activities.
Grants are designed and provided consistent with local program office strategies and local community development needs. Grants have typically come in the form of:

  • organizational development grants that assist community organizations to improve its administrative structures, management and financial systems, and real estate development and management capacities;
  • strategic planning grants to cover costs associated with the creation of new programs that are important to an organization’s overall mission and needs of the community’s residents; and
  • project grants to help cover costs associated with real estate development that further neighborhood revitalization goals.


LISC offers equity financing through our affiliate subsidiaries:
The National Equity Fund, Inc; The New Markets Support Company; and The Community Development Trust.
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Please contact your local LISC office for more information about these services

Technical assistance

LISC offers a wide range of technical assistance to assist local community organizations rebuild their neighborhoods. Through a network of 30 local field offices in urban areas, Rural LISC that works in 36 states, and a range of national programs, LISC provides these groups with expert technical assistance to undertake revitalization activities: affordable housing, retail, and facility development; organizational capacity building; and increasingly, programs that improve quality-of-life such as community safety, youth recreation and education.

Typical assistance centers around:

  • Real estate development (e.g., preparation and appropriation of housing and community development public funding and tax credits);
  • Staff training and skill building;
  • Organizational and management assistance (e.g., strategic planning, program and organization expansion, crisis intervention); and
  • Effective execution of services under successful proposals.

Please visit LISC’s local offices and national programs.

Organizational and management support

In addition to helping community development corporations finance their projects, LISC helps make the groups more efficient and productive through training programs and learning opportunities for their staff and leadership.

Events and Training

LISC provides training opportunities in person and through our Experts Online webcasts.

Information Resources

LISC’s Online Resource Library is a valuable repository of information including guidebooks, best practices guides, conference proceedings, case studies and trade articles. Archives of our webcasts are also available in the library.
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