Meet AmeriCorps Member Kim Sanchez!

May 31, 16 Meet AmeriCorps Member Kim Sanchez!

20160514_105249 (2)Kim Sanchez has become a master of creative placemaking. Kim is a Photographer and Videographer whose work aims to connect people and tell a story. As a returning AmeriCorps member, she also engages residents in telling their own stories. Kim is taking a lead role on an innovative project funded by the Kresge Foundation and LISC. Resident artists are provided with support in engaging neighbors to create and implement an artistic project in order to connect community members and draw attention to the neighborhood. Kim is currently working alongside two artists as they build their own projects and work with residents in North Toledo and the Junction Neighborhood. About her LISC AmeriCorps position at The Arts Commission of Greater Toledo, Kim says, “In this unique position, I’m able to offer my ideas, artistic talents, and leadership skills to help the community.” Check out this video she helped residents develop.
Kim has built bridge10926449_882436898443472_8643652134609488768_ns between The Arts Commission of Greater Toledo and numerous community partners. She is serving as a resource in strengthening arts programming and incorporating art into the rejuvenation efforts of neighborhoods. In her first term, Kim coordinated the final production of the Toledo Strategic Plan for Arts & Culture, as well as its launch to the community in the spring of 2015. Now, she works with partners to understand best practices for engaging residents and works directly with resident volunteers. Kim took the lead on a transformative beautification and painting project at Frederick Douglass Community Association, coordinating over 40 students, AmeriCorps members, and residents. In the words of her supervisor, Jennifer Jarrett, “Kim has a natural ability to connect the dots and the people to make projects happen. She was a lead member of the team coordinating programming for the Glass City Film Festival, which attracted film submissions nationally and internationally. She has become a valued member of The Arts Commission during her two AmeriCorps terms, always offering thoughtful suggestions and input. We look forward to the leadership roles in our arts community that she will no doubt continue to fill.” Following her service with AmeriCorps, Kim will be employed by United North as Manager of the Ohio Theatre and Event Center.

Toledo LISC is currently accepting applications for the 2016-17 program.Contact Robyn Hall at or 419-419-0202 for application materials. AmeriCorps funding has not been AC_LISCannounced, but we are hopeful regarding the LISC application.

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