Meet AmeriCorps Member Kelly Dean

10352751_1904321693127406_2582460291635015927_n (2)Kelly Dean and her husband are long-term East Toledo residents. They reside and raised their children in the same East Toledo neighborhood they met in over 25 years ago. She is proud to be able to serve with her neighbors to facilitate positive change in that community.

Kelly and AmberKelly is excited that she is in her second term as a LISC AmeriCorps member with the East Toledo Family Center (ETFC). Her service includes increasing resident engagement in the Garfield Heights neighborhood. During her first term, she worked in the Birmingham neighborhood identifying resident ambassadors, who came together to address housing, safety, and other community concerns. In partnership with East Toledo Family Center, One Voice and other groups, Kelly will continue these efforts in the Garfield Heights neighborhood. She will work with the existing ambassadors to build a team of residents to empower, educate and engage residents to find solutions.

Most recently, Kelly planned and facilitated Global Youth Service Day projects in East Toledo. Kelly says she is always ready to jump into action and “Get Things Done.”

If you are interested in learning about or hosting a LISC AmeriCorps member contact Robyn Hall at AC_LISCor 419-419-0202.

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