Healthy Futures Fund helps bring state of the art care to Toledo

Mar 30, 15 Healthy Futures Fund helps bring state of the art care to Toledo

The city of Toledo will celebrate another dose of economic development this week with the groundbreaking of the Neighborhood Health Association’s (NHA) new community health center, funded with $6.2 million in capital from the Healthy Futures Fund.

The Fund is a broad collaboration led by Morgan Stanley, The Kresge Foundation and LISC to help low-income residents live healthier by connecting affordable housing and health care. To date, the Fund has supported new housing developments with on-site health services, new health centers with programs that target affordable housing residents and other services that help link the two.

In Toledo, the new $11.4 million NHA facility that will not only provide a wide range of primary care services to 16,000 patients per year—almost all of whom are low-income—but it will also include a community garden to promote healthy eating, a low-cost pharmacy and a credit union.  The clinic being built in an area with a 45 percent poverty rate, where families earn just 31 percent of the average median income for Toledo.

“The clinic is designed to connect residents to additional resources that support them in their path to economic security and improved health,” said Denise Scott, LISC executive vice president.

“The transformation that occurs out of this kind of collaboration creates vibrant neighborhoods where people thrive,” she added.

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