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What is Creative Placemaking?

Creative Placemaking is the practice of supporting residents in making social, physical & economic changes in their neighborhoods through the arts & culture. Artistic & cultural activities strengthen a community, particularly when they reveal and celebrate its character and identity. Toledo LISC’s Creative Placemaking program aims to provide space for creativity and culture to flourish in our neighborhoods to spark comprehensive community development.

LISC enjoys a multifaceted role with respect to creative placemaking. LISC is a national grantee of both the Kresge Foundation and the NEA. At Rural LISC we developed and launched our own arts and culture grants program as a means of assisting in the revitalization – both economic and cultural – of rural communities and spaces.

-Bob Reeder, Rural LISC’s director for national programs


The beneficial effects of Creative Placemaking are very significant. At the local Level, Toledo LISC and our community based partners engaged over 5,000 neighborhood residents through Creative Placemaking in 2016 alone! In fact, recently,  America for the Arts released their fifth national study on the impact of the nonprofit arts and culture industry. Their comprehensive study spanning all 50 states highlighted the significant impact of economic contributions of the arts on economic growth, tourism, and employment. According to the study, in 2015, nonprofit arts and cultural organizations and their audiences:

  • Generated $166.3 billion in economic activity
  • Supported 4.6 million full-time equivalent jobs
  • Generated $27.5 billion in government revenue


Credit: Heather Ballmer Meyer

Photo Credit: Heather Ballmer Meyer

We’d like to extend our sincerest thanks to local organizations such as The Arts Commission, the Ohio Theatre and Events Center, Toledo Museum of the Art and all other organizations working to support economic development in Toledo Neighborhoods through Creative Placemaking.

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Photo Credit: The Arts Commission

Toledo LISC supports Creative Placemaking efforts by providing financial and technical resources for creative placemaking projects and small businesses through loans, grants, and equity investments. We also provide technical assistance to build the capacity of local community groups to integrate arts and culture into their revitalization activities. For more resources visit National LISC and LISC Small Business.

File_000_Lindsay Akens, Photo Credit

Photo Credit: Lindsay Akens

Interested in learning more about Toledo LISC’s creative placemaking work? Contact: Sarah Allan at P: 419-419-0828 or E:


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