FOCs & the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library: Inspiring change and creativity

Last month, the Toledo Financial Opportunity Center Network and the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library wrapped up its 4th Financial Fitness series as part of a 2-year long partnership.  The ongoing series was part of the library’s Living Better, Spending Smarter initiative. The initiative’s purpose is to increase the library system’s service to the community by spreading personal financial and investing information, and increasing public knowledge of available community resources.

At the close of the most recent series at the Mott Branch Library, FOC Coach Michelle Gorsuch videotaped Toledo’s very own Brown sisters singing the praises of Financial Opportunity Centers — literally!  The sisters wrote, arranged, and performed their jingle for the attendees at the Mott Branch series after having completed the series themselves, and engaging in one-on-one financial coaching with Coach Gorsuch at the East Toledo Family Center’s FOC.  Check out their inspiring performance for yourself:

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