Diversity & Inclusion

lisc-diversityLocal Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) is a not-for-profit national community development organization which seeks to revitalize distressed urban neighborhoods in various cities across the country. With this mission in mind, LISC is actively committed to promoting racial, ethnic and socioeconomic diversity in the neighborhoods we serve, and in the organizations we support. LISC also strives for broad representation on its own board and staff, recognizing that without such diversity, the corporation’s ability to achieve excellence in its programs would be seriously constrained. LISC is aware diversity benefits everyone and is not only compatible with, but actually promotes, community development.

At LISC, we see diversity as the combined strength of experience, skill, talent, perspective and capability that each employee brings to the organization. We view inclusion as a state of being where the uniqueness of each employee is valued and respected.

Diversity Business Objectives

The organization has developed several business objectives, which it intends for its Diversity and Inclusion efforts to achieve.

  • Enhanced understanding of and commitment to diversity and inclusiveness throughout LISC
  • Improved communications across the organization with an emphasis on opening up important lines of communication & broader decision making
  • Strengthened human resource management functions, particularly the abilities of line managers to assess, guide and manage staff throughout the organization
  • Increased capacity for local LISC programs to address diversity and inclusiveness issues in the communities where we work

Core Strategies

The organization has settled upon the following core strategies as it seeks to meet the objectives above.

  • Build more effective recruitment systems for people from traditionally underrepresented groups – particularly in professional positions
  • Provide education on diversity and inclusiveness at all national LISC staff events
  • Identify and pilot tools to strengthen the ability of local LISC programs to navigate issues of diversity and inclusiveness locally
  • Increase and enhance professional development opportunities for all staff
  • Create a range of informal events/gatherings that help build trust and connection throughout the organization
  • Create learning and communication tools that can easily disseminate best practices and model approaches